Face Painting

For every occasion !

Face painting is the special children’s program for every occasion. Private and corporate. The painted children are transformed into beautiful, magical, laughing and happy characters, who are transformed into a wonderful fantasy world. It opens the doors to a world with unicorns, super heroes, princesses, monsters and creatures of all worlds. Give your next event a colourful paint activity, for only 100,- CHF per hour. The kids will be thrilled! I see you in Central Switzerland. Big fun for small people!

For every occasion !

Birthday parties



Flea market

Themed parties, for example, Christmas

Family days

Corporate entertainment


Store opening

And a lot more…

About me

My Mission

The mission of Celebrating With Sandra is to organise activities in which the development of a child is important. Creative forms of theatre provide the opportunity to develop their social skills in a safe environment. Being able to let a child be him or herself combined with having fun are by far the most important elements in our services.

My Vision

Besides the development of a child, teamwork is also very important. Together we stand strong! With Celebrating With Sandra every team member is as valuable as the other. Physical movement combined with joy are two magical elements within my activities. Discover the inward by playing and doing assignments with peers.

Nice that you found Celebrating With Sandra!

​My name is Sandra and I am originally from The Netherlands. In November 2016 my husband and I moved to Switzerland. I studied drama therapy for four years at the HAN University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. After that I worked on various projects, where I organised creative workshops for children, with the focus on play and theatre.

​I would like to continue organising these activities here in Switzerland under the name Celebrating With Sandra. Activities where pleasure, development and the living world of the child is key. During my education I worked for ten months on a project in Mexico, where I started Drama therapy in an orphanage. This orphanage was inhabited by 120 children who had to deal with behavioural problems. Here I fell in love with my profession. These young children were far too young to have experienced all that they had. Every day I did everything in my ability to make these children feel safe ‘at home’ within the orphanage. A place where they could be themselves. It gave me a lot of personal satisfaction.

​Just before our move to Switzerland, in November 2016, I completed the ‘Improvisation Theatre’ training by André Besseling at the ‘Impro Academie’ in Amsterdam. During this training I learned to look for the inner strength of an individual. Creating scenarios right on the spot, instead of imagining them in advance: Play in the here and now. Listening to the impulses of yourself and each other.

​(2006) I followed a ‘Clownery’ training. By playing, you discover. You learn how to share your inner self with the outside world. Express yourself honestly and freely. All this with a big fun factor. Discover, investigate, try and therefore surprise yourself. I have experienced that children do this too. Children discover the world around them by moving.

Painting was a big part of my education. I studied Theatre Therapy for four years at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Within the theatre you often use paint to emphasise expressions. During my education I learned about working with paint and light elements. But I also learned about other elements. The education taught me, that there is more you can do with paint; painting with fake blood or do face paintings for example. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much. I also love to work with children, so I thought why not combine these two. In 2019 I followed a course in Switzerland with a professional painter. I like to develop myself. Learn other technics combined with the right amount of fun. The twinkling in the eyes of a child is what drives me. To make a child feel special is my greatest passion.


It is so rewarding to fuel the imagination of children.
A child’s laughter never fails to melt my heart.

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